Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Ceragem Works

Going up to Nueva Ecija always has its upsides. Last Sunday, I chanced upon the free Ceragem treatment at the NE Mall located between Munoz and San Jose City. And since I am one of those who wont let a chance like this pass, I immediately signed up and waited for my turn to try this new therapeutic machine and I was not disappointed with the results. One day after I got to try far-infra-red rays of the Ceragem, I felt all the toxins flushed out from me. I had regular bowel movement, even going to the comfort room more than 5 times, something that caused me a lot of distress before.

How Ceragem works: This 9-sphere projector is attached to a controller that will be placed on the different points of the body for acupressure. There are 15 body points identified corresponding to specific body organs. After this process, the projector can be used manually, meaning you have a choice to put it on areas that you want accupressured.

This is a diagram of the different body points were the projector is placed. Each point corresponds to different body organs. When the projector is placed under the point, the pressure will allow far-infra red to penetrate that area and toxins are flushed, bacterias and viruses are killed. The heat produces a comfortable feeling in the area where you think you are not really well
and you get up refreshed and warmed.

This is the temperature controller where the projector is attached. I can endure only until 50 degrees, some prefer 55. I tried the 55 degree once, but it almost burnt my skin. So I had it reduced to 50.
Ceragem works magically because it uses the following principles of the following therapy methods:
Accupressure: applying pressure on the acupuncture points of the body that will strengthen our human energy or QI energy; Moxibustion: applying heat that relaxes our body at removes stress and toxins that causes sickness; Far infra-red rays: a natural heat that is similar to our body heat that helps in detoxification and strengthens the immune system; Chiropractic: aligning our spine for a better nerve function.

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