Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Begin Your Day by Meditating

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Being fit does not only mean in a physical sense but it also be in the emotional, mental as well as social sense.  In other words, fitness should be holistic and a person should be fit in all aspects of his being.   A person's mind holds a lot of potentials to effect the realizaton of his dreams, desires and objectives in life and one way of keeping the mind fit and healthy is by meditation.  This is aside from exercising the mind in order to keep it more sharp and active by engaging in activities that provoke the mind to be used to its potential.  Meditating has a lot of positive effects to ones well-being and this is the principle behind The Silva Mind Control Method.  A method of disciplining the mind which supports using meditation in order to enhance  the capacity of a persons mind.  By arriving at the alpha level, a person's creativity is developed further and this could lead to achieving his goals and objectives.  Constant meditation makes a  person gain more control of many aspects of his life.     In short, he learns to reprogram his mind in order to deal with different situations more appropriately.

There are many ways to meditate and there is a proper way to meditate.  Some people think that by closing their eyes, they are already meditating, it's not that simple.  Some teachings also believe that there is no proper way to meditate, but whatever works for you,  you can continue doing as long as you know that upon finishing your meditation, you come out refreshed, more ready to face challenges, mentally focused and calmer. Meditation is a process  that one should do constantly until it becomes second nature and you learn to do it, in even 8 minutes upon waking up.  It will boost your energy, make your mind more active and prepare you for the day in a better mood and clearer focus of your goals and purposes in life.

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